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Why Comfort Design Mats

It's play time!

Get creative, get wild, and get messy. Our designer mats make playtime more fun for children while helping you to keep a sense of order in your surroundings. Read more about just how useful our mats are.

They're great for growing children…

We put safety first

The thick, spongy foam insulates children from cold, hard floors and little bumps and spills. They also won’t trap pet hair and dust, which helps keep your home free of common allergens. Here are some of their other plus points:

  • + Non-toxic foam material
  • + No Latex, BPA, or PVC
  • + Hypoallergenic
  • + Nonflammable
  • + Waterproof
Promotes healthy development

From their first steps to their wildest wrestling matches, these mats are there to support your children's growth. You can give Baby some tummy time to strengthen her head and neck, and watch your children learn to crawl or walk—all with soft, spongy protection underfoot (or knee)!

Even the older kids will love to use the mats for playing and rolling around—and there’s enough space for you to join right in!  

Easy on their eyes (and yours too)

Because most toys are already colorful, our large designer play mats will make it easier on your children's eyes during play time. Toys tend to get lost on bright colored play mats, especially when your little ones are ready for blocks, legos and jigsaw puzzles.



And perfect for you!

Like area rugs, but better!

Our large, one-piece mats look gorgeous like area rugs, but they're softer, won't shed, are easier to clean and won’t accumulate stains or buildup. And unlike puzzle mats or interlocking tile mats, our stylish foam play mats won't let liquids seep through, or come apart during active play. You can use our kids play mat on top of your existing wooden, stone, tile, or carpet flooring.

Don't fear the Doh!
Comfort Design Mats are a single-pieced barrier against floor stains from juices and modeling clay. They’re also reversible, so after you wipe the mat, you can turn it over for a super quick fix.

Affordable and worth it
Our play mat for kids are not only safe and stylish, but also affordable, compared to other large play mats (with kids' designs and colors more suitable for bedrooms and playrooms). Comfort Design Mats are durable and thick (oh no, they're not flimsy and cheap), they're high quality, long lasting, and worth it to help keep your living room looking beautiful, especially when you've put a lot of effort into your home decor. Dad will thank you too!

These mats stick to your schedule
It's easy to roll up these play mats so you can make the perfect setup for your family's needs. Do you work from home? Put a play mat in your office so your infant is nearby. Then move it out to give older children a rough and tumble crash pad. You can even use it for your own exercises. And when you're expecting company, it's one less thing to worry about. Leave it out and it looks gorgeous like an area rug.


And best of all, you can keep your home looking fab!


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