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Moroccan Trail Play Mat
Comfort Design Mats

Moroccan Trail Play Mat

$129.95 $149.95

Have your kids play with you in the living room with this stylish Moroccan Trail play mat that can complement your contemporary interior! This skid-proof, waterproof and hypoallergenic cushioned surface is non-toxic, definitely a kid-friendly surface to play on. This elegant play mat is patterned with modern Moroccan trails in soothing soft tan color. Definitely the perfect kids mat that can blend in any shared living areas.

  • Features a soft tan Moroccan design on both sides (same design)
  • Accents playrooms and shared living areas
  • Creates a designated space for playtime
  • Quickly wipe up spills and keep playing
  • High quality, durable play mat made to last
  • Does not make indentations from elbows and knees as other play mats do
  • Rounded corners and pressed edges
  • Matte finish/non-glossy

*May slide on some hardwood flooring (i.e. oakwood). Use caution while wearing socks as the surface may become slippery.

Please see Features Tab for more details.

Moroccan Trail
78 3/4” Length x 55” Width x ½” Thick
These are not your average playpen-sized mats. We made them large enough for your children to explore, as well as nice enough to leave out and look beautiful like an area rug.

Safe for Children:
Non-toxic, foam material
No Latex, BPA, or PVC
Care instructions:

Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Avoid sharp objects, direct sunlight, strong cleaning agents and heat sources such as vacuums; however it is Roomba-friendly. Be sure to fully lift up furniture when positioning. A lighter coffee table or ottoman is recommended.

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*Designs remain the same as shown in photos, but may be positioned slightly different right to left. Actual color may vary depending on mobile or computer used. Note that a special heat process is used to seal the cushioned layers therefore a faint yellow tint will be present on the outer pressed edges.

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