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Creating beautiful shared spaces

From supporting your baby's first steps, to hosting your older kid's flips--and even your own exercises--our cushioned play mats will stick around. Because unlike traditional play mats that you want to put away in the closet, Comfort Design Mats™ fit your lifestyle. That's why they're there when you need them, and still there when you don't, making your home as beautiful as you want it to be.

Our Story

Like many young mothers, our founder is no stranger to the kids' designs and rainbow patterns of typical children's play mats. With three children of her own (and all of their toys), she often thought of relaxing with her husband in their living room-turned-playroom without being overwhelmed by the bright central play mats.

But she needed a soft surface to protect her younger children from the bumps and bruises that come with learning to walk. And her oldest son had allergies, especially to dust mites, so she needed a cleaner, healthier alternative to area rugs and her carpeted living room.  

She created Comfort Design Mats™ for herself, and for mothers who want a play space for their kids while still keeping their home looking beautiful. Our play mats offer cushioned protection for young children, rough-and-tumble durability for older kids, and come in stylish colors and contemporary patterns that parents will love - Premium Stylish Foam Floor Mat™by Comfort Design Mats

And because they're designed with you in mind, you’ll be happy to keep them out even after the kids are done.

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