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  • Jeanine

    I received this mat as a gift and was in love with it when I opened it. My home is filled with kids toys. It was refreshing to get a mat that wasnt so kiddish. The play mat fit perfectly with my home decor and at the same time was comfortable for my little 4 yr old to play on. The quality is excellent and very thick. It was easy to wipe up spills as well. I highly recommend this mat to all the moms !!!
  • Meredith

    I LOVE these mats! We bought two to replace an 8'x10' rug in our living room. As you can see, the mats are smaller than the carpet, but I don't think it looks bad. We have a 17 month old, a 3 month old, and a cat who likes to urinate on rugs, so these mats were the perfect solution! They offer much more padding than the previous rug, are SO much easier to keep clean, and unlike the puzzle play mats, liquids don't fall through the cracks (i.e. no more milk crusted on my hardwoods!).

    One word of warning - my husband set the vacuum on one of the mats (he was using the attachment to vacuum the couch cushions), and it did cause some damage :( It was our fault, though, since we knew that vacuum had damaged the colorful alphabet puzzle play mat we have in the play room. Our iRobot Roomba works just fine on them, though. The great thing is that because they're reversible, I just flipped it over - problem solved!!!

    To the maker of the mats, please offer them in larger sizes! These are so much better than area rugs!
  • Amazon Customer

    My hubby and I was hesitate to purchase the popular kids playmat that cost over $100 because we think that our kids will grow out of it soon and we don't wnt our house to look colorful and kiddish as we have a small house.. but once I saw a FB post from a Vietnamese singer on this Premium Stylish Foam Baby Playmat I purchased it right away. And I could not be more please !! It make our living room so much nicer and our kids can play on it and it is very easy to clean. It's so much better then the expensive rug we bought. Definitely highly recommend it !!
  • Manny

    I know this was designed as a "kids mat" but I bought & use it as a workout mat for my insanity workouts. I did my research & also realize you can buy a rubber mat made from recycled rubber tires but they're more intended to protect ones floors from heavy weights & other objects dropping on them.

    What about what matters most? Ones joints, from the ankles & knees, to the back & shoulders being protected from the harsh shock of plyometrics training workouts. This mat does has no equal, at half an inch of foam cushion, this provides ample shock absorption for up & downs to double jacks.

    On top of all that, there's also the non-toxic properties of this mat. Zero "smell" or household environmental toxicity. I'm more than happy to pay the price of this mat because I'm more than happy with its performance & it's benefits.
  • Nicole

    This mat is great! It's both functional and stylish. From far away it looks like an area rug which I like much better than the normal "kiddie" looking playmats. It is also made of decently thick foam which is great for my toddler who isn't super steady on his feet yet. I would definitely recommend this mat if you are looking for something that is functional for children yet doesn't sacrifice on looks.
  • Carissa

    If you have kids, this is a must buy. Go and put it on your registry right now. I had gone through two replacements of the mats that click together before finding this. Easier to clean and way softer than traditional foam squares. I only wish I could get a bigger size because i have it in the playroom area. Also i have dogs and so far their nails don't seem to harm it.
  • Lindsey

    I absolutely love this mat! We just bought a house with porcelain tile flooring and with a 9month old baby I needed something she could play on. This mat is thick, squishy, great size and so easy to clean. Not to mention esthetically it looks great with out decor. I am so glad I found this and would highly recommend it!
  • Amazon Customer

    We used to have the tiles play mats They trapped a lot of dust, crumbs, and dirt under each little piece. The kids were so excited when they saw our comfort design mat. We love it because it is so easy to clean, and is very comfortable for the kids to play on. And it looks great too!!!!!
  • Nancy

    Our 17 month old has allergies and eczema, so we had our living roomcarpet replaced with hardwood flooring and wanted something for her to play on that would be comfortable, easy to clean, look nice and not trap allergens (we have 2 cats). This mat meets every single one of those needs! And I want yo emphasize how easy it is to clean!! Love the print as well vs the usual bright kid prints. Definitely recommend!
  • Amazon Customer

    My best friend purchased two of these for her home then bought me the grey one. I just wouldn't have spent the money myself but after having it this mat is absolutely perfect. It's not only nice looking but very squishy and safe for my baby that's still falling over at times. And my knees when I'm on the floor with her. I'm using it against the wall with north states playyard and it's a nice size play area. It's by far better than any of the mats I've seen at daycares. Love it!
  • FiFi

    So you know how when you are decorating you child's room and you pick out all the perfect furniture yet when you stand back there is that one thing that seems to be missing. That one piece that pulls the whole room together and can put it over the top?? You know what I am talking about. The rug! The colors and design of the perfect rug can really bring the room together in all it's wonderful harmonious glory. Well rugs for us are not an option. Why? My lovely family is blessed to have some fantastic allergy issues. Everyone knows that rugs + allergies = tortuous amounts of cleaning (or just utter failure because there aren't enough hours in the day) which then leads to discarding the rug.

    Enter this amazing piece of awesomeness. It is a cushioned playmat that doesn't look like a crayon box threw up on my floor! Parenting win! Also, because it is one solid piece, your little one can spill anything on it and it won't leak through those puzzle piece cracks forcing you rip up the whole darn foam puzzle flooring to clean both sides of the multiple puzzle pieces and the floor underneath!! Not to mention then putting it back together as your kid rips it right back up because now your love bug thinks the floor puzzle is now a toy.

    Whoever designed this actually thought about the parents (and their eyeballs) with this and I love them for it. So much so that we bought a second one. Get one. wish we did sooner!!
  • Kimmy

    Beautiful mat that easily matches the rest of the decor in the house, doesn't even look like a kids play mat. Very easy to wipe clean. My LO spit up milk during tummy time the first day we got the mat, just took a baby wipe and wiped clean. If you want to put the mat away, just roll it up and use the Velcro straps that came with it to wrap it. It's also super soft and comfortable to lay on.
  • Amazon Customer

    Recently purchased to provide a safe island in a sea of hardwood floors for our son to practice crawling. So far, so good! He's taken a few spills and the mat is plenty cushy enough to make for a soft landing. Our older daughter also loves playing on it. We've had snack spillage as well and it is very easy to clean. I did not notice any strong smell to the mat and has not had any issues with indentation marks. Thinking about buying another one for our downstairs area!
  • Patel

    Great product - our 9 month old son loves the mat. We much prefer it to the puzzle-style pieces we were previously using as he now doesn't try to bite the edges as it's all in one piece. Looks great - would even consider having a mat like this if we didn't have a child!
  • Amazon Customer

    These products are put to great use by our one and two year old children. In a house with no carpet these mats have provided them a freedom to roll around and play they had not enjoyed before. They are top notch quality and we wish there were more color schemes available- we bought all three designs.
  • Amazon Customer

    This playmat is perfect for our 7 month old! She's beginning to crawl and sometimes falls forward, so we were looking for something super soft and squishy for her to sit and play on. The stylish design is a nice plus too! We are super happy with our purchase!
  • Amazon Customer

    We absolutely love this mat! It is extremely comfortable. It has the right amount of cushioning to it without it being too "squishy". It's perfect for my 9 month old daughter. We were using foam tiles as a mat before but as a curious kid, she kept pulling them apart. Also, with the foam tiles, it was very difficult to clean her drool and spit up due to the cracks. This mat is so much easier to clean, since it's one piece. We are considering getting another one for our home gym to use for floor exercises.
  • Vanessa

    This is such a beautiful play mat! We just got it today and it is the perfect thickness so that our baby can crawl and move around on! Not only is it stylish but it would also be a great play mat for young babies since it has a dark and light contrast that they can see. Also, the colors are true to what you see in the photo. We had such great customer service when we contacted the seller and asked when they would be in stock again, they were prompt to respond and even sent us an email as soon as they restocked it.
  • Amazon Customer

    Stylish comfortable area for my baby to roll, and play. At my babies 4 month Dr appointment, the Dr told me to ensure that I give her plenty of tummy time and a flat area for rolling and learning to sit up and crawl. I was concerned because we have hard wood floors through out our house, so I was looking for a mat that would be comfortable and non-toxic. This mat is perfect, thick and comfortable for baby and adults to sit on the floor too.
  • Amazon Customer

    Stylish and high quality. Love it! Our grandbaby crawls on it and my husband uses it for physical therapy. We live on a farm and our floors get dirty often with red mud, but the mat (even the white parts) cleans up like new. We leave it out all the time instead of an area rug.
  • Lili

    This product arrived super fast and perfectly packaged. It's absolutely beautiful and barely looks like a mat. Our 2 year old son loves it and we feel more secure since he's starting to climb on furniture. The first day we had it, the whole family lied on top of it and played together for over an hour. It's also great because we have a small dog that sheds a lot. Now we just wipe off any dog hair, dust, spilled milk or baby food in no time! I can't wait to get another one!
  • Amazon Customer

    Wasn't sure what to expect when this arrived, but pleasantly surprised to find a really great product. There was no lingering plastic smell, it was easy to wipe off any messes, the material doesn't absorb liquid, and it's big enough for my 7 month old to explore. It looks great in our living room - much less like a kids play mat (no primary colors!).
  • Tiffany

    This mat is absolutely amazing! I love that it looks like a modern rug but is actually a very thick, padded playmat. I love that I can have it in living room but doesn't take away from my decor and still makes room look super nice and put together. It would be perfect in nursery, living/family room, playroom, or any room baby will be in. The design of this mat is just perfection! I would highly recommend this product and will giving for baby showers gifts for sure.
  • Lauren

    We all love this mat so much am thinking of getting another to expand our play area even further. It really makes hardwood floors so much softer for laying down and playing and those inevitable tumblers between babyhood and toddlerhood. We bought 2 to extend the side space and love them!!
  • Alena

    Lovely, beautiful, cushy mat! I actually purchased this for a layer of protection over carpet in my workout space. I found that there was enough padding that an additional mat was not needed for floor exercises, and my knees and elbows are possibly even more cushioned. It seems very durable as it looks brand new still after several work out sessions while wearing sneakers. Thank you!
  • Steve

    WOW!! The service I received from CDM was sensational. This mat was out of stock for some time (because of its popularity no doubt) and CDM emailed me as soon as it was available again. When it arrived shortly after, I was incredibly impressed by the quality and size of this mat. I wanted something for our home that was safe for baby, but didn't add to the "baby-fication" that every home goes through after welcoming a little one. It's stylish, safe, and makes for a great addition to our home. I could not be happier with my purchase, or with the service I received from CDM. Thank you!
  • Brittney

    I'm loving my new comfort design mat! My dog and baby's also are enjoying it- all three of us play on it together in the mornings. It's super cushy and is perfect for the baby and also for mommy to stretch!
  • Kimberley

    My entire house is tile, so I was afraid my daughter would hurt herself trying to crawl or when she falls back while sitting up. I researched many mats for her and finally decided on this one. It's everything I wanted. I am now at ease as she masters her crawling, sitting up and soon her walking skills. Thank you so much.
  • Amazon Customer

    This mat was better than I expected it to be. It's soft and cushy without being too thick. It's easy to clean. And it's more peachy/beige than pink, making it neutral and unobtrusive in our home. And when the baby grows out of it - I'm going to repurpose it as a yoga/Pilates mat!
  • Sarah

    Works great for our boys playroom (which is tile). Provides a nice soft surface for the baby to crawl and roll around on, and so far has held up well to the 3 year olds antics. Easy to clean, it's like an extra thick yoga mat. It definitely looks nicer than your average kids playroom rug/mat, and although I think it's priced a little high, I'd recommend it.
  • VC

    This floor mat is so comfortable! I contacted Comfort Design Mats to ask when the gray mat was going to be on sale again. They contacted me once it went on sale again and I snatched it up. I highly appreciated the customer service. The mat shipped and arrived quickly. It is a nice big size but still portable enough that I can move it around the house if I want. It fits right into our house decor and like I said is so comfy. My son is just starting to roll and has already rolled over more on this mat than anywhere else. My husband also uses it to do yoga and I could definitely see myself doing Pilates on it as well. Highly recommend over other play mats due to its comfort and quality.
  • Nancy

    I really like this floor mat; and so does my 9 1/2 month grandchild. She just started crawling recently; and she can move very easily on this mat. We have the mat under a play yard and it fits very well. I like that the mat is one piece; so it is easy to move, no putting together squares every time we want to move it. Believe me I did my research; and this is a winner because it is non-toxic and not too thick that a baby's face can go deep into the foam. It offers just the right amount of cushion. I am very pleased with this mat.
  • Brandon

    The floor mat feels as if soft and cushy clouds are beneath your feet making you wish your entire flooring was made of the same material. The design is simple and beautiful while the material is durable and flexible. We use the mat for our dining table since we have two toddlers and clean up has become much easier thanks to the foam mat. Giving this item an A+.
  • Kindle Customer

    We absolutely love our floor mat. It's been a perfect addition to our living room space. It's great for playing with baby on, yoga, and floor-sitting, while not looking like your traditional play mats. It's super easy to clean too! Every time we have guests over, they admire it and then feel drawn to sit and play on it. Our daughter is 4 months and spends lots of time on her back and tummy, as do we now- the mat is a perfect thickness to make these positions comfortable for her. I would highly recommend this mat to anyone who wants style mixed with comfort.
  • Sam

    This is by far one of the best mats we purchased. Build quality is great and this was bought as Yoga Mat. We now not only use it for Yoga but also general use.
  • Amazon Customer

    I LOVE the mat! It not only has saved our baby's head (he just started sitting up on his own) but it saved our area rug from all the spit up - especially after eating blueberries!! For these reasons and the fact it will be a staple in our family room for the next 6+ months, it is worth every penny.
  • JFJ

    I wanted something to get rid of the foam squares that you have to put together. We like to take the mat up since we have dogs and a robot vacuum and this mat was perfect. So far the quality is good. The mat offers the right amount of protection without being too thick and it rolls up easily for quick storage. It also looks better and matches the drapes in the living room. I know this is pricey compared to some other options but so far it has been a good investment.
  • Jennifer

    This mat is even better looking in person. Now I don't have to worry about my baby hurting himself on our hardwood floors. I also wanted to add that unlike other mats, this mat doesn't have an odor.
  • Danielle

    Not only does this mat look great but it is so incredibly comfortable. We had the square letter mats before and this is so much better. You don't have to worry about your little one pulling it up and chewing or choking on it and it is super squishy. I love this mat!
  • Melissa

    After much agonizing over what would be the safest/eco-friendly option that I could still actually afford (It would be really easy to spend hundreds of dollars to have less coverage, after all) I landed on this mat. We love it! It's soft enough for baby to take the occasional spill on, super easy to clean and comfy for adults as well. It wins for looks as well - it's nice not having our living room look like the baby play station that it is!
  • Michelle

    We received this mat as a gift and we absolutely love it. We use it on our screened in porch. It's extremely cushiony while also feeling durable and looking great. Our 12 month old loves to walk and play on it. He still falls pretty frequently while he's toddling around and this provides a nice, soft place for his bum to land when he does. It has definitely reduced the number of falling down tears we have outside. We're planning on getting a second. It's well worth the price to have something that is comfortable for our little one, stylish enough for adults to enjoy, and is far easier to use than the foam tiles.
  • Graymare

    We purchased two of these floor mats to gauge size relative to the space we were trying to fill, and then purchased two more mats. We have taped all four mats together to make a very large play mat "rug". Of course, we would have preferred to have one very large mat but we hope our makeshift, combined mat will be easy to clean and provide our son with the soft and protective space he needs. We like the design so much more than the bright child-themed play mats. These mats came well-packaged, too. It's too early to comment on durability and how easily the mats are cleaned but we are hopeful on both counts. We appreciate finding a product that we are comfortable using for our son and also don't mind having out all the time in our home.
  • Katie

    This is a gorgeous mat that's very neutral for any decor. My baby loves playing on it and I could see us using it in the future in her bedroom. Would be great for a gymnastics/yoga/stretching mat when she's older and the quality is great so I'm sure it will last forever.
  • Sasafras

    We are so please with this mat. It's a great compromise between safe functionality for our baby play space, and an adult friendly look in our open concept living area. I was worried that it wouldn't be padded enough for me to sit on comfortably, but it is a perfect thickness. I would absolutely recommend.
  • Carlos

    I just rolled this bad boy out and LOVE it! From a distance it looks just like a regular rug. I especially like that I can easily sanitize it. When I opened the box, I cut one of the Velcro straps off accidentally. I was pretty bummed because that just made it all the more special that the creator thought of a good storage solution. I would highly recommend!
  • James

    The product performed as advertised. Our baby loves this mat and we feel so safe having it protect her from accidental falls! The colors are vibrant and it looks like it was made with a high quality material. There is no smell and it is easy to clean. I would highly recommend this mat.
  • SFLH

    Overall great product, no noticeable odor, color pattern and material of the highest quality.
    Currently using as a playroom mat to lower risk of tot injuries and a first line of defense for the many spills to come. Added bonus: Owners take great pride in their product and have great response times.
  • Michaela

    I love this mat! We have a lot of hardwoods flooring in our home and comfort design mats does a great job of protecting our (very active) 8.5 month old along with giving space to crawl around on. I also love how easy they are to clean and how pretty they are in the room. So much better than those puzzle piece looking mats that really don't make your home and "prettier" 😉 Highly recommend!!
  • Samantha

    This adorable play mat is perfect for playing with my baby. No more foam puzzle pieces that she wanted to put in her mouth, just a comfortable, cool mat to roll around on. I'm looking forward to putting aside her bed, when she's in a toddler bed.
  • Holly

    I have had the mat about a week and am SO happy with my purchase! It looks wonderful/classy, and is the perfect amount of padding for my baby girl to crawl and roll around on. I lay down on it with her and it's very comfortable. It's also Super easy to clean. Baby is no longer sneezing like she did when we had her on a rug! I will definitely be recommending the mats to my fellow moms/parents