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  • Amazon Customer

    I recommend this mat for families with infant and toddlers. I love this mat is soft and safe. My 9 month old is crawling and standing on his own. My 5 year old also likes to sit on the mat to play with his toys. We as a family enjoy to sit and play together on the comfortable mat. The comfort mat design staff is an outstanding person with quick response to any questions I had. My rug was replaced with no issues. Excellent customer services. I highly recommend the business.
  • Susan

    I love this mat! I was using a soft blanket for my baby's playtime and it wasn't large enough and didn't provide enough padding. This mat exceeded my expectations. It is super cushy under your feet and provides great protection for my baby's flips and flips. It's also extremely soft and supportive for my knees, having to go up and down with baby a lot. I am also comforted to know that it's made with baby safe materials. It's also super easy to clean, especially important to me now because my baby is teething, making lots of drool and putting his hands in his mouth. Oh, and my husband started using the mat for his at home exercise routines. Not to mention that it's super cute too! I sent a close up picture of my baby on the mat to a relative and she complimented me on the nice rug. 😀 I told her it was a play mat and she couldn't believe it. Very happy with my purchase.
  • Amazon Customer

    As a mom with two rollie pollie twin girls always on the move, I spend a lot of time on the floor. We all do. Including the pups. This floor mat is more comfortable than I could have imagined. It's like a yoga mat on steroids. I can spend 6 hours a day on the floor and still be able to get back up! The mat is large enough for my twins to roam and spin and roll without throwing off each others' groove, man. And our pup's hair doesn't stick to it nearly as bad as a blanket or carpet. Super easy to clean too! And it's BPA free. And it's stylish. And it makes for super cute photo backdrops. I could go on and on. It's my new favorite must have for moming. If the price is your only hold up, like it was for me, trust me, it's worth every penny.
  • Steph

    We love our mat! It’s the perfect amount of cushion for our little one to learn how to crawl. It has no odors when I opened the box (I read other mats smelled when researching for one to buy) and is very easy to clean. I want to buy a second for our basement!
  • Vince L.

    I researched for hours to find them safest play mat and this is the one we chose. It doesn't have a terrible smell when opened. What ever smell it does have was gone within 10 minutes of opening. Our child is able to scoot around comfortably and has taken a couple of dives from learning how to pull herself up and the padding was enough to support her noggin and she didn't cry! We have recommended this product to other parents that have been over and had their children use the mat.
  • Melissa M.

    I ordered this play mat after feeling disappointed about the lack of stylish, quality mats available elsewhere. The color is a beautiful blush pink that fit perfectly within our existing gray and white decor. I loved the mat so much that I ordered the gray lattice one for our living room the day after unboxing this one.
  • Amazon Customer

    We LOVE this mat! Its so easy to roll up and move from room to room as needed. Its the perfect amount of cushy! We had the ABC puzzle mat with our first and it was a big pain to ever move it and once my daughter was mobile she would pull it apart and chew on it. Needless to say for the second babe we didn't want to make the same mistake. This mat did the trick! Its big enough and durable for both our toddler to play on and our newborn. Plus it looks super cute in the room! Worth the price!
  • R. T.

    I bought this for my grand-daughter's bedroom. We all love it. It is very stylish and could as easily be used in a main family area of the home. It will be very easy to clean when necessary. We don't wear shoes in the baby's room so it hasn't been necessary to clean yet. The mat is nicely cushioned for her to play on, this is especially nice when she loses her balance and falls over. Just as appreciated, by me, is that the cushioning makes it very comfortable for me to sit and play with her. I would love to see a nice mat like this at her daycare, as opposed to the square, puzzle type play mats that they currently use. This is much more sanitary. I can see myself buying another one of these in the future for myself. It would be great to do yoga on. Very well worth the cost.
  • Devi

    I am a fifth-grade teacher and also mother to a very active and busy toddler. This is the all time best mat I've ever purchased in the history of playing mats. Here are the reasons why all Amazon buyers need to try this mat out. We've had slumber parties on this mat. We've had painting parties on this mat. My child spills and we clean it off every day. And just look at how beautiful it still remains. I love the design; it's modern, it's shabby chic, and in the land of parenthood there isn't much that matches both categories of durability and aesthetics. More colors and designs please and send me an email too when you upload more.
  • Duy

    This mat is awesome. With our first child we tried the interlocking mat that looked like hardwood flooring to keep things looking nice. My son would tear off the edges constantly. We love this mat because it blends in well to any decor but also very easy to maintain and keep clean. We see this being great for years, our younger son starting to walk and already took a tumble and was fine. My older one is starting to potty train and we are confident if he has an accident it'll be much easier cleanup then rugs or interlocking mats.