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Comfort Design Mats #5

So you know how when you are decorating you child's room and you pick out all the perfect furniture yet when you stand back there is that one thing that seems to be missing. That one piece that pulls the whole room together and can put it over the top?? You know what I am talking about. The rug! The colors and design of the perfect rug can really bring the room together in all it's wonderful harmonious glory. Well rugs for us are not an option. Why? My lovely family is blessed to have some fantastic allergy issues. Everyone knows that rugs + allergies = tortuous amounts of cleaning (or just utter failure because there aren't enough hours in the day) which then leads to discarding the rug.

Enter this amazing piece of awesomeness. It is a cushioned playmat that doesn't look like a crayon box threw up on my floor! Parenting win! Also, because it is one solid piece, your little one can spill anything on it and it won't leak through those puzzle piece cracks forcing you rip up the whole darn foam puzzle flooring to clean both sides of the multiple puzzle pieces and the floor underneath!! Not to mention then putting it back together as your kid rips it right back up because now your love bug thinks the floor puzzle is now a toy.

Whoever designed this actually thought about the parents (and their eyeballs) with this and I love them for it. So much so that we bought a second one. Get one. wish we did sooner!!

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