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Comfort Design Mats #5

I know this was designed as a "kids mat" but I bought & use it as a workout mat for my insanity workouts. I did my research & also realize you can buy a rubber mat made from recycled rubber tires but they're more intended to protect ones floors from heavy weights & other objects dropping on them.

What about what matters most? Ones joints, from the ankles & knees, to the back & shoulders being protected from the harsh shock of plyometrics training workouts. This mat does has no equal, at half an inch of foam cushion, this provides ample shock absorption for up & downs to double jacks.

On top of all that, there's also the non-toxic properties of this mat. Zero "smell" or household environmental toxicity. I'm more than happy to pay the price of this mat because I'm more than happy with its performance & it's benefits.

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