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3 Tips for Dining Out with Baby

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3 Tips for Dining Out with Baby
When you were still expecting, you had fantasies about fun brunches and dinners out on the town with friends or your significant other, your sweet new baby strapped to your chest. Now that baby is here, however, the thought of bringing him to a restaurant may be a little intimidating. How in the world are you supposed to juggle nursing and diaper changes and enjoy a sociable meal at the same time?

Luckily, dining out with baby doesn't have to be scary or difficult. Just follow these three tips and you will soon be able to enjoy meals outside of the home without hiring a babysitter:

Choose the Right Spot
This is probably not the best time to try that tiny, six table gourmet restaurant where it's almost impossible to get a reservation. You will be too afraid of your baby disturbing the other patrons to enjoy your meal. Instead, look for a restaurant with plenty of space for a stroller and where other families with babies and small children congregate. This will allow you to relax and enjoy your meal without feeling self-conscious. The perfect spot for your first meal out with baby may be a casual brunch spot, a cool local pizzeria or your favorite cafe for a quick lunch.

Ask for a Quiet Corner Table
Sitting in the middle of the restaurant with other restaurant-goers jostling your baby's stroller may be a little too stressful for a first outing. A quiet corner table will be more relaxing, give you a bit more space, and offer privacy if you need to nurse.

Timing is Everything
By choosing a less popular day and time to dine out, you will help ensure a faster wait for a table and quicker service. Early bird dinner or brunch during the week are great options for avoiding a crowd. You will also need to consider you baby's schedule. Feeding and changing your baby before you leave is a great idea. If you will be dining during a time your baby usually sleeps, try keeping your baby in their stroller instead of holding them in your lap or a baby carrier.

Dining out with baby lets you get out of the house and socialize while also giving you a chance to show off your new bundle of joy. Do you have any cool tricks that have helped make dining out with baby easier? Please let us know in the comments!

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