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The Best Gifts for Newborns (Fun & Functional)

Cara Lanz

The Best Gifts for Newborns (Fun & Functional)

Looking for the perfect newborn baby gift? If you’re wondering if you should go the practical route with a solution to make parents’ lives easier or pick up a baby gift that’s cute and cuddly, we’re happy to share this list that has a little bit of both. Read on to find out our favorite newborn gifts both parents and baby will love. 

Diaper Bag Essentials

newborn baby gift diaper bag essentials

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Set the new parents up for success by giving them a handy diaper bag packed with all the essentials they’ll need to take their little one out and about. This stylish backpack is a convenient hands-free diaper bag for parents on the go, and they’ll love each and every thoughtful product inside. The bag comes stocked with newborn baby essentials from The Honest Company, including skin care lotion, all-purpose balm, diaper rash cream, soothing bottom wash, and wipes.

Newborn Baby Keepsake Gift

newborn baby keepsake gift

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The first year with a new baby goes by in a flash. Help the new parents hold onto their precious memories by giving them this thoughtful time capsule box. Baby’s first year comes with lots of firsts, and this personalized newborn baby gift is a gorgeous way to preserve them all, from the hospital bracelet to the first haircut. This elegant wooden box with gray velvet lining is customizable with the baby’s name and two lines of your own messaging. 

Bath Time Kit

newborn baby gift bathtime kit

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That delicate newborn baby skin needs plenty of TLC. This set of baby essentials contains all the baby care items parents will need to get through those first few months’ of bathtime, diaper changes, baby massages, and more. All products in this baby bath time essentials kit are gentle and safe for babies, made from plant-derived ingredients, hypoallergenic, free of synthetic fragrances, and cruelty-free. This set includes baby shampoo and wash, baby lotion, baby oil, baby balm, wipes, and a soft cotton washcloth.

Super Soft Baby Blanket

newborn baby gift baby blanket

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Giving a baby blanket as a newborn baby gift is always a good idea - there can never be enough. Not only is this one soft and cozy, but loyal fans claim it has “magical” powers that instantly put babies to sleep, so parents will surely appreciate that. It is available in a variety of sweet and stylish patterns to choose from, like pretty dahlias, darling zoo animals, and peaceful night sky prints, so you can select the one that will complement the baby's nursery. 

Car Seat Toys

newborn baby gift car seat toys

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When it comes to finding the best newborn baby gift, you can leave choosing a car seat to the parents -- they’ll know exactly what they want and need. However, you can help embellish the newborn car seat with car seat toys to make traveling more entertaining for their little one. We chose this baby activity bar because it is cheerful and fun -- and it mounts easily onto a car seat. It plays over 45 songs, sounds, and phrases to keep baby busy wherever they go. 

Tummy Time Play Mat

newborn baby gift tummy time

Newborn babies need a soft place to play with their toys, wiggle around, kick their legs, and explore the world around them. A squishy soft foam play mat is perfect for tummy time -- and more. Comfort Design Mats provide a safe surface that promotes healthy development in children of all ages. Parents love these baby play mats because they are easy-to-clean, waterproof, free from harmful chemicals, and stylish enough to leave out -- no need to roll them up when playtime is over. Click here to see our full line of beautiful Comfort Design Mats. 

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