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Top Tips to Spring Clean & Organize Your Nursery

Cara Lanz

Top Tips to Spring Clean & Organize Your Nursery

Refreshing your home with a top-to-bottom spring cleaning marks the passing of winter as we move on to sunnier days. When you get to baby’s room, take your time to spring clean your nursery so you can declutter and create a more organized baby nursery that will be easier to clean all year long. 

See our top spring cleaning and baby room organization ideas.

Clean Out Clothes

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The first year of baby’s life can be filled with So. Many. Clothes. Between baby shower gifts, hand-me-downs from friends, and the purchases you made yourself, drawers and closets may be overflowing with items you no longer need. 

Organize your nursery closet by taking the time to wash everything and sort them into piles:

  • Anything that has stains, rips, or is otherwise past its prime -- you can discard these. 
  • Clothes that are in good condition and currently fit your baby (or will in the next few months). These stay in the nursery. 
  • Items that no longer fit and are in good condition. Move these to storage if you are planning to have another baby. If not, sell or donate them. 
  • Seasonal clothing that will fit your baby the next time that season rolls around. Store these in another location, or keep your nursery closet organized by separating them from the clothing your baby is currently wearing. 


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Before you start cleaning anything, go through everything. Get started on creating a baby room organization system by clearing away the items you aren't using, are no longer age-appropriate for your baby, or have already lived a full life. 


Check all your diapers, toiletry items, and bedding. Be realistic about the products you’re actually using and those you tried but weren’t thrilled with. If the products you are no longer using aren’t expired, you may be able to pass them on to someone else. Same goes for diapers that are last month’s size or cloth diapers that didn’t work out for you. Pass them on if you have no use for them. 


Give a critical eye to the bedding you most often use -- how well has it held up? If there are rips or stains, toss them out. Next, think about how much back-up bedding you really need to keep in baby’s room, especially if you're organizing a baby room with limited space. Hold onto enough to be prepared for those middle-of-the-night mishaps. Wash everything, then donate the extras -- or move them to storage. 


Baby toys have a mysterious way of multiplying when we’re not looking. Organize your baby nursery by donating toys your baby has outgrown or isn’t interested in anymore. Thin down what’s left, moving some to storage so you can rotate them through when baby gets bored with the current selection. 


When it comes to baby room organization, don’t forget to look at the decor. Because, sadly, there comes a time when the mobile needs to come down, and the baby decor needs to be upgraded to appeal to the interests of your child as it gets older. Donate outgrown decor, or store it if you intend to continue to grow your family. 

Time to Clean

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Now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty, rinse the year away, and refresh your nursery for more fun times ahead. The best way to clean baby items is with a good supply of soft cloths and non-toxic cleaner, and good old-fashioned elbow grease. 

Launder Fabrics

When you clean your baby room, start by washing all bedding, fabric curtains, pillows, chair pads -- all your soft surfaces. This way, by the time you are done, hopefully, everything will be dry. 

Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

While your clothing and toys are already out from going through your baby room organization process, wipe out drawers and toy chests before putting things back in. Remove everything from the shelves and wipe them down, as well. Same goes for baseboards, windows, furniture, light fixtures, ceiling fan blades -- nothing should be spared from the mighty powers of you with a dust rag. 

Clean the Floors

Once everything else has been cleaned and put away, finish cleaning your baby nursery by sweeping and mopping the floors. Carpeted floors will need a thorough scrubbing, shampooing, and vacuuming, which can take hours from start to finish. So now is a good time to consider another flooring alternative that is safer for your baby and easier to clean for you.  

Replace Carpet and Rugs

Spring cleaning is an excellent time to evaluate options that will make your life easier and healthier in the long run. The health risks of carpet are something to consider seriously. Carpeted flooring has been long-known to be a health concern for children, not only because it harbors dust, mold, and mildew but also because it contains harmful chemicals that can pose serious health risks.

Comfort Design Mats

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Comfort Design Mats are beautiful baby play mats and a safe alternative to rugs in the nursery. Made from thick squishy foam, they insulate children from cold, hard floors and won’t trap pet hair, dust, and other allergens. These foam baby play mats are also non-toxic and hypoallergenic and free from latex, BPA, phthalates, formamide, formaldehyde, PVC, and EVA. 

The best part about these baby play mats is that they are incredibly easy to clean and spills can be quickly wiped off. Available in a variety of designer patterns and colors, Comfort Design mats will enhance your nursery decor and look stunning for years to come. Shop our collection of soft foam baby play mats. 

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