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3 Ways to Bond with Your Baby

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3 Ways to Bond with Your Baby
Baby and Mom Bonding and Reading

Bonding is an important part of raising a family, but it can be challenging with today's busy lifestyles. Even the smallest amounts of quality time can have a big impact on your child's future. Check out these ideas for bonding with your child:

Read to Your Child

Encouraging an interest in reading is great for young children and it doesn't hurt to start early. Reading bed time stories to your kids is a great habit to get into. Not only is it a good idea for older children, but talking to babies and toddlers helps them learn speech patterns, words, and phrases. Everyone talks to their kids to help them learn these things, but with reading, you don't have to come up with a one-sided conversation! You can always come back to your own personal favorites when they're old enough to remember the story. As they age, encouraging them to read parts or all of the stories will improve their own abilities and give them a boost in school.

Alternatively, singing to your child is another great way to help them develop language skills. Plus, babies love the sound of mom's voice!

Play Simple Games

Babies are fascinated with Peak-A-Boo. Maybe you know why, maybe you don't. It's because they haven't figured out object permanence just yet. For a baby, if he or she can't see something, it doesn't exist. Playing Peak-A-Boo with them is like showing them you have magic. They think you've disappeared! Playing it with them enough eventually teaches them the core concept here. Even when mommy's not around, she still exists! Plus, all that eye contact you make while playing is a great way for both of you to bond!

Enjoy Some Sensory Play

Babies learn a lot through touch. All these sensations are new to them. Let them touch things. Blankets, plastic baby toys, towels, carpet, hardwood floor, a large play mat, maybe even a giant wooden block. All these textures are new and exciting. Just make sure nothing is a choking hazard because babies love to put things in their mouth. They want to sense everything, taste included!

All these things can be done whenever time allows and they're great tips for bonding with the baby. Check back here for more fun and helpful parenting tips!

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