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Home Safe Home: Top Baby Proofing Products (2021)

Cara Lanz

Home Safe Home: Top Baby Proofing Products (2021)

Maybe you never noticed just how many corners and outlets your home has until your little one started picking up on them, as well. It seems everywhere you look is a safety hazard asking for a solution. We’ve chosen some of our top baby proofing products to help alleviate some of your worries and keep your baby safe. 


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Nothing could be less relaxing than lounging on the deck while worrying that your little one may slip through or get caught between the railings. This mesh railnet keeps your children -- and pets -- safe from balcony and deck railings. It’s weatherproof for outdoor use but is also a great baby proofing solution for indoor balconies. 

Cabinet Locks

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The second you turn your back, those busy little fingers will be trying every knob and pull in the house. These clever helpers for baby proofing cabinets are a blessing not only for their ability to foil each and every attempt to breach through to your cupboards but they have a deceptive little button that may give your child a glimmer of hope, without letting them get anywhere. 

Flameless Candles

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When you’re baby proofing a house, you may think you can’t have nice things anymore. Not true. You can still amp up the ambiance with worry-free flameless candles. These come with a handy remote and a timer so you can literally set and forget them in any room in your home without fretting about kids or pets knocking them over, or having to remember to extinguish them at the end of the day.  

Corner Guards

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What is it with corners? They’re everywhere, and they seem to draw those soft little heads like moths to a flame. Of course, you can’t prevent all the bumping and bouncing around that happens once your baby starts to crawl and walk, but you can soften the blow with corner guards for baby proofing corners. It’s available in a few colors so you can soften any edge or corner in your home.

Cable Management

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When those little feet are first learning to walk, you want to give them every opportunity to succeed. Keep your toddler moving forward -- and safe from tripping over electronics -- by organizing your cables in a cord organizer. Not only are these ingenious for baby proofing, but you’ll love how neat and tidy everything looks. They’re also paintable, so they’ll blend right into your walls.

Outlet Covers

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Baby proofing outlet covers might be the first or second to-do on your baby proofing checklist. And for good reason. Outlets can be extremely dangerous. These outlet covers snap over your outlet, then slide over to cover the outlet openings, and keep little fingers, toys, or heaven-only-knows-what-else from getting stuck into your outlets. 

Baby Gate

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What would a baby proofing list be without a baby gate? Once your baby is on the go, it’s time to get serious about restricting access to stairs and other areas of your home where your child could find trouble. It’s made of steel, has a walk-through door and various lock features. FYI, folks also like using these for their pets. 

Comfort Design Mats

baby foam play mat

Creating a soft -- and safe -- landing space for your baby to crawl around and explore is so important. But it’s hard to know which foam baby play mats are safe and which contain toxic materials. Comfort Design Mats were explicitly made for the comfort and safety of your baby and to look amazing in your home. They’re waterproof, easy-to-clean, durable, and made with half-inch non-toxic foam. You can find them available in a variety of stylish colors and patterns to complement your modern decor, so no need to put it away when playtime is over.

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