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How to Find a Safe Foam Play Mat

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How to Find a Safe Foam Play Mat

Shopping for a safe baby play mat shouldn’t be that hard. All most parents want is a soft and squishy surface for baby’s tummy time. But it is also equally important to find a foam play mat made from a safe material.

There are so many options out there. And in your search for a foam baby play mat, you may find that many are made from PVC, EVA, or XPE.

We are here to provide you with information on some of the most commonly used foam play mat materials to assist you in your search for a safe play mat that is right for your baby and family.

PVC Play Mats

Many popular baby play mats you will find on the market are made from PVC. Parents love them for their durability, ease of cleaning, and bounciness which provides plenty of protection against falls—especially for new walkers. PVC mats tend to be firm, that soften over time, and can be susceptible to indents—that also diminish with time.

PVC, however, is quickly emerging as a plastic material that is causing concern. According to the Center for Health, Environment & Justice, PVC is the most toxic of the plastics, with none other releasing as many dangerous chemicals. Of particular concern is the effect consumption of PVC can have on children and their development.

PVC contains phthalates, which are used to soften PVC products, and can be released into the air. Phthalates, such as DEHP, can be linked to congenital disabilities, liver problems, testicular cancer, and other adverse health effects.

EVA Baby Mats

EVA, ethylene vinyl acetate, is a common material used to make those bright and fun puzzle piece mats kids of all ages love to roll around on. Long-lasting and durable, EVA foam mats are thick and soft and provide great shock absorbency for exercise areas and kid playrooms. Over time, however, those puzzle pieces tend to get pulled apart and build-up can form in the crevices.

Research has found that EVA contains formamide, which has been associated with serious health issues such as cancer and reproductive health problems. This has caused some countries around the world to impose limits on the usage of EVA in playmats. However, other experts claim that the emissions are too minimal to cause any real threat.

XPE Foam Play Mats

There is a relatively new player to the market of foam play mats: XPE, or cross-linked polyethylene, which is commonly used in medical applications and the packaging industry. Some mommy bloggers prefer to stay away from mats containing XPE, due to its newness and unknowns, however, XPE manufacturers claim it is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and latex-free.

XPE baby foam mats are dense, thick and cushiony and easy to clean. They are also waterproof. While XPE mats are not quite as soft as PVC mats, they are plenty resilient against tumbles.

Comfort Design Mats are Safe

Comfort Design Mats were explicitly designed for the safety of your baby and family. Made from very safe—and very soft-- TPU, Comfort Design Mats do not contain latex, BPA, phthalates, formamide, formaldehyde, PVC, or EVA. Comfort Design Mats are also durable enough to withstand your daily household wear-and-tear, including pet nails, which is why pet owners everywhere prefer our mats. And since Comfort Design Mats are constructed in one large piece, you don’t have to worry about pieces pulling apart, like the puzzle mats.

Comfort Design Mats is committed to designing safe mats that are also gorgeous. You will love having them in your baby’s room, family room, or living room--without having to roll them up and put them away when playtime is over.

Shop our full selection of Comfort Design Mats with peace of mind that your family will be safe.

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