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3 Easy Magical Decor Ideas for Halloween

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3 Easy Magical Decor Ideas for Halloween

Halloween Kids Ideas

It seems like school just got back underway and now it’s already time for Halloween. Where did the time go? If Halloween has snuck up on you and your home too, get into the hauntingly-fun holiday spirit with these 3 easy, inexpensive ideas that will help you to create a magical haven to house all those scary-good memories…

Sit a Spell
One of the easiest ways to add an instant seasonal update to your home is through the use of whimsical throw pillows in Halloween-worthy hues. You can do this inexpensively with basic muted orange and olive tones. Then, toss on one or two seasonal patterned pillows (think Halloween words and spider designs) to make your backdrop colors shine.

Create a Martha-Stewart-worthy piece of gothic art for less than ten bucks by using torn pages from an old book to serve as the backdrop for Poe’s favorite symbol of doom and gloom. All you need is a thin piece of cardboard or cardstock, paint, a stencil (bought or created) and Mod Podge. Use the Mod Podge to adhere the book page to your cardboard. Stencil on a raven, allowing the paint to fully dry before sealing your work with Mod Podge. Place your print in an ornate frame alongside other curiosities to create a Halloween gallery wall haunted-mansion-style.

Potion Play
Crafting stores carry tiny plastic bottles made for sand art and beading, however, they also make a great backdrop for chalkboard labels and Halloween fun. Using transparent sun catcher paint and a tiny brush, paint the inside of plastic bottles in potion-like hues. Then, place on the chalkboard labels complete with fun titles like “Essence of Newt” and “Wart of Toad.” The great thing about this craft idea is that it doubles as both seasonal décor and a toy box favorite for little witches and wizards looking to conjure up a little holiday magic.

Getting ready for witching hour doesn’t have to be so complicated it’s evil or cost you a whole jar of eel eyes. With a little imagination and a tiny budget, you can create the perfect Halloween home that both you and your kids will enjoy all month long.

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