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4 Easy Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

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4 Easy Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Halloween Kids Crafts Ideas

Halloween can be one of the most entertaining holidays of the year for parents with children. Aside from making candy, baking cookies, dressing up, and trick-or-treating you can really get your children involved with all of the fun decor! From simple crafts that you can hang on the fridge, to things you can display to the whole neighborhood, these are just a few decor ideas to get you and your little one in the holiday spirit

Trick-or-treat, smell my feet!

Break out some non-toxic paint and let your kids dip their hands and feet in it. Children love to get messy, and this is a fun way to make special keepsakes for years to come. Use two handprints (palms touching and fingers facing outwards) to make creepy spiders! Just attach some googly eyes. Use feet in white paint to make some spooky ghosts, or green paint to make Frankenstein's monster.

Spice up Your Pumpkins

It can be hazardous to trust our younger toddlers with the tools necessary to make their own jack-o-lantern, especially if you have multiple kids to supervise. Instead opt for small pumpkins, or even white pumpkins if you can find them, and buy some different paints. You can get squeeze bottles for precision, or just some old fashion brushes. Kids love the opportunity to design a pumpkin all their own, and there's no mess of pumpkin guts or sharp tools to worry about. You can also let your child use stickers if you want to avoid the mess of paint. If you can find white pumpkins, you can go a step further by melting crayons on top of your pumpkins! lay crayons around the stem and heat them with a blow dryer. Just a tip: cut the labels off with an exacto knife and lightly glue the crayons to the pumpkin until you're done melting. And remember to always use a towel or sheet to protect surfaces while you work!


Start saving your clear milk jugs! You can rinse these out and fill them with glowsticks, battery operated tea lights, or christmas lights. Paint or color faces on the outside with sharpie and watch them come alive at night. Hide them in bushes, line walkways, or just sit them on your porch with the pumpkins. Add green lights for a little extra creepiness!

Spooky Cans

Save soup and pasta cans: rinse and remove the label. The cans can be painted and decorated with googly eyes or more paint. Wrap with and glue toilet paper to make an awesome mummy, add some pipe cleaners or strips of paper to make black cat whiskers... the possibilities are endless. Remember to be careful around any possible sharp edges when working with cans. You could also do this with plastic cups, but they would be much less heavy and more likely to blow away if placed outside.

These are just a few craft ideas for you and your toddler this Halloween. Whatever you do remember to be safe and above all have plenty of family fun! For more fun ideas for the family, or to browse our awesome line of Comfort Design Mats to customize and add a new level of safety and comfort to your family living areas, please visit the main portion of our website!

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