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3 Tips for Going Back to Work After Baby

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3 Tips for Going Back to Work After Baby

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Going back to work after having a baby can be an emotionally complicated time. On one hand, you may be excited to get back to a job you love, regain independence, and get to see your colleagues again. On the other hand, leaving your baby with a childcare provider can be scary at first. Here are a few tips to help ease the transition:

Do a Practice Run

The more prepared you are and the more practice you have, the less scary the first day back will be. It's a good idea to pay for a day of childcare before you actually head back to work. Set your alarm that morning as though you were going to work, and notice anything you could do more efficiently. Maybe next time you will get your lunch and your baby's daycare bag ready the night before, allow more time for getting ready, and take a different route to childcare that has less traffic.

Get Ready for the Office

You may want to make an appointment to meet with your boss before you head back to work. Ask them to get you up to speed on current projects so you don't feel overwhelmed on your first day back. If you're breastfeeding, ask your boss or HR to arrange for a clean and private space for you to pump during the day, and work out a schedule that works for everyone. Get your desk ready and don't forget to set out a framed photo of your new little one.

Plan for Meal Times

You will probably be tired after work and longing to spend time with your baby, so the last thing you'll want to do is hit up the grocery store and make an elaborate dinner. Prepare ahead by enlisting the help of your partner, and spending some time meal planning, shopping, and prepping before work. Have a few meals ready to go in the fridge or freezer, like a premixed salad and a lasagna that just needs to be popped in the oven.

We hope your transition back to work after maternity leave is a smooth one. For more fun and helpful tips, be sure to keep checking our blog.

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