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3 Ways To Throw A Birthday Party For Under $50 For Family Parenting Babies

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3 Ways To Throw A Birthday Party For Under $50 For Family Parenting Babies
Our babies grow up so fast! We can't help to make every moment of their childhood special whether it's a hug, kiss or a "Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you" moment. We try to make the best of the holidays as we can no matter what our budget is. Let's be honest, raising a child is not cheap. We want them to have everything we didn't have as children because, in those days, our parents weren't that rich either. Our parents did what they could and now it's our turn.

One of those special occasions to make special is our child's birthday. Everyone wants it to be extravagant, but how so if you don't have that much to spend? It's definitely something to stress over, but there are ways to get as close to perfect as possible. Here are three ways to throw a birthday party under $50.

Children love cartoon characters, don't they? Of course, that would be the theme of the part, but some of those decorations aren't cheap! Wal-mart would ideally be the place to get the decorations from right? Wrong. Dollar Tree has those same characters, but for at least $5-$10 cheaper. Stop at your local Dollar Tree to find Batman or Cinderella plates, tiaras, goodie bags and more.Buying my daughter's Minnie Mouse decorations including balloons, streamers, and birthday banner for just $5 plus tax was definitely budget friendly!

One of the bests parts of a birthday party for kids are the presents duh! Who didn't think of that? To see your child's eyes light up when they get that favorite toy they've been wanting gives your heart the warmest feeling and may just bring tears to your eyes. Try to order your child's present online at least 4-6 months before their birthday. Towards the end of the year, you notice prices go up because Christmas will be well on its way. Ordering beforehand gives you the advantage of a lower price and good deals on shipping. Try Amazon and eBay first before Toys R Us and other name brand stores. Also, check your local papers for coupons. If your child is under 5, Fisher Price and Mattel are always having year round sales on toys especially at Target.

Now we all know it is not a birthday party without a fancy cake right? There are two things you can do here. You can go to your local grocery store that offers custom cakes such as Wal-mart or Dillons if it's in your area. My daughter's Minnie Mouse cake had a simple Minnie Mouse package that was only $24 after tax from Wal-mart. The alternative is to bake the cake yourself without the custom characters, but use the character's colors and get the action figures from the store as well as the candle(s). Knowing you made your son/daughter's cake and it turned out great without the customizations will give you a great feeling! If baking isn't your thing, maybe there's a family member or friend who could do it for you.

These three ways saved me a lot of money so it safe to say it can work for you as well. The things we do for our babies are remarkable!

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