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4 Family Night Ideas to Keep Your Busy Family Connected

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4 Family Night Ideas to Keep Your Busy Family Connected

As your family grows in size and your kids get older, it becomes very important to make time for togetherness. When they were little, they were in constant need of your attention. But now, as they grow up, often times they are off on their own hanging out with friends or doing extracurriculars! Don't let their busy schedules detract from quality time as a family. Take one night a week, choose one of these themes, and have fun with your kids just like the good old days.

Family Dinner Night
Instead of going out to dinner as a family, split up the work and make dinner together! Decide on the recipe as a family ahead of time so you have the chance to get all of the ingredients. Have your younger kids do the combining and mixing, while your older kids do food prep and cooking.

Family Game Night

This one is a classic routine for many families. Be careful in choosing your game; make sure it is simple enough that your youngest kids can understand, but fun enough that your older kids don't get bored. Great choices like Jenga, Perfection and Dominoes keep the whole family engaged.

Family Karaoke Night

With the Internet, you no longer need a karaoke machine to have a sing-off. Simply create a playlist of the karaoke versions of your favorite songs on YouTube, and let it play through. To promote more interaction, incorporate duets or group dances into your song selections.

Family Nature Night

If the weather is nice, spend time with your family outside. Go for a walk after dinner, take a trip to your local park, or choose a seasonal activity such as ice skating or pumpkin carving.

Keeping family in your weekly routine is one of the best things you can do for your kids, no matter how old they are. They are learning their habits and personalities from you, and the way you run your family now will influence how they treat their kids in the future. These four fun ideas will provide hours of entertainment for kids of any age.

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