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7 Adorable DIY Baby Gift Ideas

Cara Lanz

7 Adorable DIY Baby Gift Ideas

Buying a baby gift is a sweet time to remember when yours were that little, dream about the day you’ll have a baby of your own, or just revel in how adorable everything is. 

But finding just the right baby gift doesn’t necessarily mean you have to rely solely on the baby gift registry. You can actually make your own DIY baby gifts (yes, you can!) that you will be proud to give and the new parents will love. 

These are the cutest DIY baby gift ideas we love. 

Gold-Tipped Mary Janes

 gold tip mary janes

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Little bitty baby shoes are already cute enough on their own. But these gold-tipped Mary Janes are really adorable. And this DIY baby gift is shockingly easy to make. Just apply tape to the top of the shoe, spray the tips with whatever color you choose, let dry, remove tape, and voila!

Pom Pom Mobile

pom pom mobile

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Even if you don’t consider yourself the crafty type, you can DIY this baby gift. It’s an adorable pom pom mobile made from just a few simple craft supplies. If you’ve never made a pom pom before, they are easy to make, and watching loops of yarn spring into pom form will make you feel like a crafting pro. 

The Diaper Cake

diaper cake

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Is it even a baby shower if there isn’t a diaper cake? The quintessential DIY baby shower gift is the diaper cake. A clever way to give new parents a gift of necessities they’re going to need, all wrapped up in a sweet presentation. But these aren’t just about the diapers. You can add soft little washcloths, baby hats, onesies-- all kinds of new baby must-haves. Embellished with ribbons and buttons and wrapped in sweet patterned receiving blankets, your diaper cake will be the cutest gift baby gets. 

Baby Sushi Plate

baby sushi plate

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If the expectant mom is a sushi fan, she’s probably counting down until she can enjoy it again. Until then, you can give her this adorable baby sushi plate that is sure to fill her with joy. Like the diaper cake, this DIY baby gift is easy to make -- just roll up lots of tiny little baby necessities. 

Photo of the Month Onesies

baby necktie onesies

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Every new parent has visions of how the first year will go, and then the first year is gone in a blink of an eye. Help the bleary-eyed parents out with the monthly photo updates that everyone will want to see with cute little DIY baby boy photo-a-month onesies. These necktie onesies are a super adorable baby gift that also helps parents with their to-do list. 

Sleeping Baby Sign

baby sleeping sign

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That moment every newborn household waits for, when baby is finally resting soundly. So while everyone is tip-toeing around, you can help save your sanity (and the doorbell from ringing) by hanging a clever Baby is Sleeping sign. All the instructions to make this adorable DIY baby gift are right here

Fleece Octopus

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If you’ve seen those no-sew fleece blankets, you get the idea behind this cute and creative fleece octopus toy. All you need to know how to do is cut the fleece and tie it over a styrofoam ball, braid the tentacles, and tie them up with colorful ribbons, then glue on the eyes. This baby gift will look super cute holding down a stack of books on a shelf in baby’s room. 

Herbal Diaper Rash Salve

diaper rash salve

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Diaper rash is, unfortunately, a thing parents and babies need to suffer through. This salve is all-natural and made with ingredients that have healing qualities and actually help promote the growth of new skin cells. You can make a batch to give, then slip in the recipe so the new parents can make it, too -- while you come over and babysit, of course!

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