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Eco-Friendly Baby Products We Love [2020]

Cara Lanz

Eco-Friendly Baby Products We Love [2020]

When it comes to baby products, “eco-friendly” is more than a buzzword. Or a new-parent-of-first-kid kind of thing. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Searching for the best eco-friendly products for your baby is a long haul approach to selecting sustainable, responsibly made items to use on and around your baby and your family. 

We get it, and we feel the same way. 

And we also know it can be overwhelming. Making steps toward becoming more eco-friendly doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach. We can do little things each day to honor the planet while using fewer chemicals in our households. And one great place to start is with eco-friendly baby products.

In our quest to help make parenting a little less stressful and doing right for the planet a whole lot easier, we set out to find the best eco-friendly baby products we could find. 

The best eco-friendly baby products

Whether you are stocking up your own nursery or shopping for a baby shower, these are some of the best earth-friendly products for babies that we are seriously loving this year. 


eco-friendly pacifiers

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There is a whole lot parents and baby will love about these natural pacifiers. No more plastic binkies. These eco-friendly pacifiers are made from 100% natural rubber, a soft and supple material. Not only are they free from choking hazards, but there are no BPAs, phthalates, PVC, or parabens. And they come in a smart 3-pack to ease parental scrambling when one falls between the seat cushions. 

Baby Wraps

eco friendly baby wraps

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Baby wraps keep baby snug and nestled by your side and your hands free so you can still kind of go about your day. Solly baby makes lightweight, breathable wraps that are super soft and sustainably made from 100% certified beechwood trees. Swaddling baby into an eco-friendly baby wrap also helps reduce baby’s crying and promotes bonding. 

Baby Wipes

eco friendly baby wipes

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These eco-friendly baby wipes are a guilt-free option for all the baby wipes you’re going to toss into the trash. Made from sustainably made bamboo, which is known to grow remarkably faster than other trees, these scent-free bamboo wipes are also free from alcohol, chlorine, parabens, formaldehyde, and phthalates. 

Glass Bottles

eco friendly baby bottles

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When you’re trying to reduce plastic, these glass bottles are a great alternative. These eco friendly baby bottles are made from durable pharmaceutical-grade glass that you can warm up straight out of the fridge without worrying about breaking. And according to the reviews, it should survive baby throwing it across a wooden floor (but maybe not a drop onto tile--oops!). 

Teething Necklace

eco friendly baby teething

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Employ the natural pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory powers of amber when those little teeth start to pop in. Made from 100% amber sourced from the Baltic region, this eco friendly amber teething necklace is suitable for babies over two months old. It can also be worn around the wrists or ankles and is free from BPA, PVC, and toxins. 

Plastic-Free Toys

eco friendly baby toys

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Plantoys makes bright and colorful fun and educational eco-friendly toys your kids will love to play with. Plus, they are made from sustainably harvested rubber trees that can no longer produce latex and finished with E-Zero non-formaldehyde glue and non-toxic water-based dyes. 

Non-Toxic Baby Play Mats

Whether you need a soft squishy place for baby’s tummy time or a safe space for first steps, a foam baby play mat will protect your little ones from cold, hard floors. Comfort Design Mats were designed for safety first, so you won’t find toxins, allergens, latex, BPA, phthalates, fire retardants, formamide, formaldehyde, PVC, or EVA in these thick, spongy foam mats. And they are an elegant alternative to bright puzzle play mats. Comfort Design Mats come in gorgeous designs that will complement any contemporary decor in your home, so you don’t need to roll them up and put them away when playtime is over. 

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