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Kid Stuff That Doesn’t Look Like It Came from a Theme Park

Comfort Design Mats

Kid Stuff That Doesn’t Look Like It Came from a Theme Park

If you’re searching for the best baby play mats on the market, your selection isn’t limited only to the bright and colorful. While we love the energetic vibe of the brilliant primary colors, it’s nice to have choices.

There are many options out there for baby foam play mats that can complement even the most elegant home décor. And the trend hasn’t stopped there. Baby and kids’ toys are also being designed with modern and eye-catching colors and patterns that are still lively and engaging without clashing with the rest of your home’s vibe.

Here are some of our favorite picks for fun baby and kid gear that will look great in any room of your home.

Pretty Pink Race Car

metallic pink race car kids toy

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Does a brightly colored kids toy car go any faster than sparkly pink one? We think not. She can go as fast as her mighty legs will take her while working on her motor skills (pun intended) and coordination skills in this Metallic Pink Race Car. This high-quality steel racecar will look amazing zipping around your home, parked in the yard, and even put away in her room.

Whimsical Play Tree

kids play tree

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The world of kids’ toys has branched out into colorful, yet modern designs that will occupy the little ones for hours. This Forest Friends Discovery Tree is loaded with loops and spins and things that twirl, twist, and turn. Strong and sturdy, this play center is as durable as it is fascinating.

Eco-Friendly Dollhouse

eco-friendly dollhouse

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Remember when all the dollhouses were pink? This chic kids dollhouse looks like it came right off the pages of a glossy home magazine, fully equipped with furniture, a car, and a contemporary color scheme that just might give you inspiration for your own home. It’s sure to keep your child’s mind occupied in the world of make-believe for hours on end. Best of all, it’s eco-friendly, phthalate-free, lead-free, BPA-free, and latex-free.

Kids Art Set

kids art desk

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Your child’s creative mind will have plenty of room to wander while they’re seated at the helm of their very own kid’s art desk. The art desk is sturdy and offers lots of storage for art books, paints, markers, pencils, glue—everything they’ll need to create masterpiece after masterpiece. In modern and contemporary colors, it will blend seamlessly into any child’s room or playroom décor and provide a neutral backdrop for their colorful works of art.

Elegant Play Mats

When it comes to everyday playtime, tummy time, and bigger kid tumble time, a foam play mat is a necessity. But don’t think your only option is those colorful puzzle piece baby play mats or other loudly colored foam play mats.

Comfort Design Mats are cushy designer play mats created with safety and elegance in mind so you can keep them in your living room—or any room in your home—without having to put it away at the end of playtime. Made of non-toxic foam, free from PVC or EVA, and latex-, BPA-, and phthalate-free, you can feel good about your kids—and pets!—crawling all over them. Choose from a variety of our elegant designs, including modern lattice, vintage damask, and pretty pink patterns that will blend seamlessly with traditional to contemporary home décor.

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