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Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your Area Rugs

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Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your Area Rugs

With more and more homeowners doing away with carpet in every room of their homes--from living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways—area rugs have become more necessary than ever. Not only do large area rugs provide soft comfort beneath your feet, but they can reduce noise, provide cozy warmth, and inject a dose of your personal style into your home.

As much as we LOVE the comforting and chic benefits of scattering area rugs in our living rooms and other rooms of our homes, there are a few things we don’t heart about traditional area rugs.

You Still Need to Deep Clean Your Rugs

deep clean rugs

Rugs are really no different than carpet in the maintenance department. They still trap all the dirt and grime your family tracks through the house. And over time, if left unattended to, all this gunk can cause odors. So, you still need to deep clean, steam clean, shampoo, or professionally clean your area rugs. Just like you would carpet.

Rugs Flatten Over Time

Just like carpet, that cushy, cozy feeling underneath your feet won’t last forever, unfortunately. Over time, a number of factors, especially high traffic, can cause your area rug fibers to flatten and look uneven. And while there are things you can do to fluff it back up again temporarily, constant wear and tear is going to happen and cause it to get matted back down again.

Rugs Trap Allergens

One of the reasons many families choose to scrap their carpet is because of allergens in carpet. So, while replacing your carpet with hardwoods, laminate, or vinyl flooring is a wise solution, laying down an area rug can put you right back at square one.

Rugs Create Tripping & Slipping Hazards

Fall injuries associated with area rugs and carpets are quite common and have the potential to cause severe injuries. When rugs age, they can pucker, have ridges, or their edges can curl, creating an uneven surface and increasing the risk for tripping. In addition, rugs that aren’t properly secured to the floor can create a slipping hazard.

Rugs Can Contain Toxic Materials

area rugs can contain toxic materials

We often turn to area rugs to enhance our homes with safe and comfortable surfaces for our families to lounge on, kids to play on, and pets to curl up on. We would never dream of intentionally introducing toxic chemicals into our havens. Unfortunately, many area rugs can be one of the most significant contributors of toxins in your home. Carpets and area rugs can contain PFAS and phthalates, which can contribute to various health issues.

The good news is that for every problem, there is always a solution.

Comfort Design Mats were created to provide gorgeous (and safe) spaces for play, work, and living throughout your home. Our large foam play mats are designed with colors and patterns that complement your home décor and provide your kids of all ages safe and cushy spaces to roll, tumble, and play. And our non-toxic foam baby play mats are waterproof and durable enough for your pets.  Comfort Design Mats are an attractive alternative to kids play mats, and a stylish substitute for colorful puzzle piece play mats. They are the best baby play mats because they are easy to clean, protect your wood floors from dings and scratches, and are so pretty, they won’t need to be rolled up and put away when playtime is over.

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