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The Baby Shower Gifts New Moms Really Want

Comfort Design Mats

The Baby Shower Gifts New Moms Really Want

Being an expectant new mom can be overwhelming. Between all the unknowns of what having a baby will really be like to sorting through all the well-intended advice that is being offered, it can understandably be a mind-spinning time of life.

So, if you are attending a baby shower for a first-time new mom and wondering what to get, help her out with these tried and true baby shower gifts. And it’s okay if these items are nowhere to be found on her list of baby shower registry gifts—we think she will love them.

Blooming Baby Bathtub

Baby bath lotus

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New parents might be surprised at just how challenging baby’s bath time can be. Holding onto a squirmy, soapy baby is a feat in itself, while also keeping it safe from hard surfaces. This Blooming Bath Lotus is a perfect new parent baby gift because it turns the sink into a safe, soft spot for baby’s bath, is machine washable, and comes in an assortment of bright and cheery colors.

Mermaid Sleep Sack

baby sleep bag pajamas

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Sleep sacks, aka, wearable blankets, are warm and cuddly and keep baby safe while sleeping in the crib. But who says it has to look like a boring blanket? This mermaid sleep sack is adorbs, and even though baby won’t quite appreciate its whimsy, the parents will have tons of fun sharing cute photos of their own little mermaid. Plus, this baby shower gift will give new parents peace of mind their little bundle of joy is comfy, cozy, and safe.

Baby Shusher

Baby Shusher

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You’ve seen those new parents, bleary-eyed, mindlessly shushing to soothe their overtired and crying baby to sleep. And you might even catch them shushing well after baby is asleep—they can’t stop. This sound machine for new parents is called a miracle soother for a reason: it uses a real human voice to lull baby to sleep, saving new parents time and energy—and maybe allowing them a little bit of sleep.

Bottle Drying Rack

bottle drying rack

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Doing dishes is never a glamorous job, so it’s easy to understand why adding something as mundane as a dish rack to a baby gift registry just might not be happening.  But if you give this practical baby gift, they will be sure to thank you after realizing just how perfect it is. This bottle drying rack holds baby bottles and all the accouterment that goes with feeding time, including breast pump parts, medicine droppers, utensils—everything.

Itty Bitty Baby Moccasins

baby moccasins

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Okay, so maybe these aren’t a “must-have” for any functional reason, but these baby moccasins are really cute and are sure to get lots of “awws” at the baby shower. They will keep baby’s precious little feet warm and toasty without having to wear socks that, let’s face it, always end up slipping off and getting lost anyway.

Baby Foam Play Mat

As soon as baby is old enough for tummy time, new parents are going to be looking for a safe, soft, squishy place to enjoy this time together. But there is no need to rely on foam puzzle mats or foam tile play mats that can leak. Comfort Design Mats are soft, stylish foam floor mats that were made for this very purpose. They provide soft play surfaces for kids of all ages—even parents’ exercise time. And they are gorgeous. Available in a variety of stylish patterns to complement modern décor, these mats will not need to be rolled up and put away when play time is over. Comfort Design Mats are BPA-free, PVC-free, EVA-free, non-toxic foam mats that are hypoallergenic, waterproof, and are even durable enough for pets.

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