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The Best Holiday Gifts for New Parents

Comfort Design Mats

The Best Holiday Gifts for New Parents

Holiday gift giving for new parents is fun because you are not limited to a baby shower registry list of onesies, diapers, and other new parent must-haves. While it’s always a good idea to help out new parents if they are still in need of baby essentials, holiday gift giving for new parents gives you more freedom. Because let’s face it, you’ll never be able to give them what they really need: sleep and about eight more hours each day. But, you can come close with these adorable and practical baby gifts and new parent gifts for the holidays.

Cozy Wrap Sweater

wrap sweater

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Soft and comfy, this wrap sweater is more like the perfect blend of a hug and a wearable blanket that also happens to look super chic. It can be worn dressed up or down and requires no fussy care. She can throw it right into the washing machine. The only thing better than this gift for new mom is the teeny tiny matching one for baby.

Baby White Noise Machine

baby white noise machine

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Shushing baby to sleep until your throat is dry and your lips are parched is just something new parents do. Now there is help for that. This Baby Shusher is a white noise machine that will soothe baby right to sleep using a real human voice. It includes 15- to 30-minute timers to ensure baby is sound asleep before the shush session ends and a wrist strap so dad or mom can wear it while carrying baby. This new parent gift for the holidays will put you on the nice list.

Baby Burrito Blanket

burrito baby swaddle

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We already know a well-swaddled baby, when done properly, looks more like a burrito than many burritos. So this cute burrito blanket is really just pointing out the obvious, in a sweet and funny way. This new parent gift will put a smile on their faces every time they burrito their baby, and baby will love the cozy security of being swaddled.

Baby Lounger

baby lounger

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Speaking of swaddling, new parents know there is a time and a place for swaddling. And sometimes, they just want to lounge with baby, while giving baby the same safe and secure feeling of being swaddled. This baby lounger is a splurge holiday baby gift, but parents will love, love, love it. Its coziness mimics the mother’s womb and can be used for tummy time, co-sleeping, traveling, and just chilling. If you are looking for gift ideas for new parents the whole family or office can chip in for, look no further.

Baby Chair Harness  

baby chair harness

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Going out to eat in a restaurant with a baby presents all kinds of interesting challenges. One of which is how to keep baby sitting safely in a chair, when high chairs aren’t available. This thoughtful gift for new parents helps them safely seat and easily feed baby anywhere there is a standard chair with this portable chair harness. Made of cloth, it is machine washable for easy after-dinner clean-up.

Baby Foam Play Mats

Any family with children needs safe, soft, and squishy spaces for their kids to roll, toddle, tumble, and play. Comfort Design Mats fill all those needs and more by giving new parents the gift of a stylish foam floor mat that is good for baby tummy time, first steps, big kid play—even parent workouts. The thick, spongy foam protects kids from hard floors and is made of safe, non-toxic foam. Available in a variety of beautiful designs, Comfort Design Mats will look good in any room of the home. Great gift for baby showers, new parent holiday gifts, baby gifts, or family holiday gift.

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