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10 Ways To Customize Your Baby's Nursery

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10 Ways To Customize Your Baby's Nursery
Customizing your baby's nursery can be one of the most exciting aspects of nesting and can make the wait for their arrival more exciting. Considering all of the many memories of your child's early life that will take place in the nursery is a great motivator to create a personalized space that is both comfortable and attractive.

1. Patterned bedding
The bedding for your baby's crib is a wonderful place to start customizing their nursery. Selecting a whimsical pattern can represent your individuality and that of your newborn.

2. Calming lighting
Adding soft lighting with table or floor lamps or a small plug-in nightlight will act as a soothing touch during the evening hours and also offer a light source during those late night feedings or diaper changings without being too harsh for tired eyes.

3. Cheery wall art
Whether you choose a vinyl decal, a framed poster, or even a large mural, jazzing up your baby's nursery with wall art is sure to be eye-pleasing and cheerful.

4. Decorative area rug
Adding a fun area rug or play mat is perfect for making a nursery more cozy and inviting and providing a comfortable place for your baby to take on tummy time. It can also make the other décor throughout the room feel more cohesive and put-together.

5. Unique paint color palette
A nursery is the ideal place to deviate from your standard white paint. Selecting a color palette that is unexpected is a great tactic to infuse some individuality into the room.

6. Functional storage
A combination of shelving and decorative baskets and bins offer convenient solutions for storing books and toys and for keeping diaper changing materials within reach.

7. Seating solutions for adult caretakers
Having a comfy chair and ottoman for you to sit on and rock your baby or read with them on your lap will make their nursery your favorite spot in the house.

8. Music sources
Try hooking up an iHome chock-full of soothing lullabies to play for your baby during naptime and fun kid tunes to dance to together when at play.

9. Window treatments
Framing nursery windows with gauzy drapes or Roman shades in a hue that compliments the color story of the room is an easy way to add texture and depth.

10. Pregnancy or birth mementos
Framing sonograms and newborn photos or putting up shadow boxes that contain your baby's footprints and bracelets from the hospital are perfect ways to display beautiful, meaningful keepsakes and personalize a nursery.

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